To qualify, you must achieve a Qualifying Total in a USA Powerlifting event between January 1, 2022, through the registration deadline.

All Coaches must:
1) Be a current USA Powerlifting Member (Read More Here)
2) Register as a Coach at Raw Nationals by the published Deadline, then
    a. Provide your Athlete your Unique ID in your registration confirmation email.
    b. Athlete to add your Unique ID to their Athlete Change form by the published deadline.

Have an new Qualifying Total since you entered Nationals? 

No worries, you do not need to submit a change to the National Office.  Our scoring manager will automatically incorporate your highest acheived total during the qualifying period (Jan 1 of the prior year, up to the entry deadline).

USA Powerlifting approved equipment will be used on the platform and the warm-up area.

There will be racks in the gear check room for you to obtain your squat and bench rack heights.


If you enter this event, you may be selected to be drug tested.  Lifters are notified by the Drug Testing Officer (DCO) generally at the completion of the lifting session.  If you have completed all your attempts and want to leave prior to the awards ceremony, you must check in with the DCO to make sure you have not been selected for drug testing.  This includes if you have weighed in and decided not to lift, injured yourself during the competition and withdraw or bomb, you are still in the drug testing pool.

Failure to be available when called for drug testing will be considered a doping failure.

Medications prescribed by your doctor may be considered a prohibited substance.  You must check all your medications.  If the medication is prohibited, it may be allowed by receiving a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).  

Please check out the USA Powerlifting's Anti-Doping page to find more resources. 


Please review the USA Powerlifting Rulebook to be informed. 

Only USA Powerlifting Approved equipment is allowed at National events.  Please review the USA Powerlifting Rulebook to make sure your equipment (singlets, belt, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, etc) can be worn prior to gear check.

Need some new equipment, don't worry, vendors will be there!

All weight-class changes must be declared using the Registration app and in your profile you can change your weight class.

If you are moving up a weight class, your qualifying total in the lower class must be equal to or greater than the qualifying total of the higher weight class.

If you wish to go down in weight class you will need to RE-QUALIFY in your new weight class by the 14-day weight-class change deadline published on this site.

Unlike many local level meets, weigh-ins are conducted by 'Lot Numbers.'  A lot number is a randomly assigned number to each athlete, within each session.  

When it is time for your weigh-ins, be there when it starts.  The Referee will call you in order of your assigned Lot Number, NOT by when you show up.  If you are not present when you are called, you will go to the back of the weigh-in order.

For more information, please refer to the Rulebook.

YES!  Any State record you break will automatically be credited once results are uploaded into the results database.

Guest lifters are only allowed under the following conditions:

  • If you did not make weight, you will be allowed to compete as a Guest in the weight class you were registered in.

Guest lifting is not permitted for anyone who can not meet the criteria of our membership.


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